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la_essays.gifHere is a list of Grammar web sites. I have included general information on the parts of speech, lesson plans and teacher resources, links to more information, and grammar review games. Each web site has a link to the site, a brief description, and a rating based on this evaluation tool by Tammy Payton.

Rating system:
+++++= excellent
+= very bad


    • University of Ottowa's comprehensive English grammar review information. Links to each part of speech with nice examples. Review is game is difficult to navigate and is difficult return to the rest of the questions. Rating = +++
    • Detailed definitions of all parts of speech with a comprehensive review quiz at the bottom of the page. Created by the University of Calgary as a grammar guide for the basic elements of the English language. Rating = +++
    • Basic information on the parts of speech. Provides background information on each part of speech and then follow up quizzes. Good information for English as a Second Language learners. Rating = ++
    • An introduction to the eight parts of speech with definitions and examples. Exercises are included at bottom of website for additional practice. Created by the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for the English Language Centre. Rating= +++
    • A subscription to a daily grammar lesson delivered by email. Complete with weekly quiz on grammar every Saturday. An easy, fun way to review the parts of speech and brush up on your grammar. Includes a link to lists of terms and a link tp previous lessons to review at your convenience. Rating= ++++
    • The Online Writing Lab created by Purdue University. This site is very comprehensive and easy to use. Contains many links of useful information for grammar, writing, and using the English language. They have also included a special section of resources for teachers and students in grades 7-12. Rating= +++++
  7. Grammar Slammer
    • English Plus lists a very comprehensive glossary of grammatical terms. They also sell a grammar references program for your PC or PDA. This is a great place to look up specific terms. Rating=+++
    • Grammar Bytes is a fun site for older students-- high school and higher ed. It has great links to terms with examples, exercises, handouts, and grammar rules. It has a lot of information that is mostly higher level grammar usage. Rating=++++
  9. Kids Guide to Speech
    • A comprehensive list of grammar information and links. Sent to me by a mom who uses my website to help tutor her sons. Thanks so much! I love hearing that this is a useful site I've created. :)


    • Wonderful web site filled with lesson plans, worksheets, websites, webquests, lots of additional information to help you teach grammar. Teach-nology has links to many other subject areas. A great tool for teachers in any grade level. Rating=+++++
    • This is an educators guide to lessons, worksheets, and links for almost any subject area. It also has free clipart. The lesson plans are labeled according to grade level and are easy to use. Rating=+++++
    • EdHelper is available with a paid subscription- basic cost $19.95. It has customized worksheets for just about every school subject area you could ever need. This would be a very helpful resources to use with ELL students, special education students, and to help teachers differentiate to different student ability levels. Without having to sign up there are many samples available to get ideas and use in your classroom. Rating= ++++


    • Cybersleuth Kids is an educational search guide for K-12 students. Here is there comprehensive list of grammar web sites. They would be helpful for both students and teachers. A few of the links were not current, but over all gave links to helpful, useful grammar information. Rating=++++
    • The Grammar Kings has a long list of additional resources on grammar and the English language. Nice interactive feature to choose the correct part of speech. Good quizzes for students in middle level. Links also to thorough list of grammar rules for English. Rating=++++
    • Tons of great grammar games! Great reviews on grammar basic skills. Links to a multitude of resources, lessons, quizzes, and games for both students and teachers. Rating=+++++
    • Free grammar and educational clip art. I used their clip art at the top of my wiki. Thanks!


  1. EduPlace:
    • Online Mad Libs. Rating=++++
  2. Gamequarium:
    • Games on nouns, verbs, prepositions, and general reviews. Rating=++++
  3. Quia:
    • Games include matching, concentration, flashcards, and word searches on parts of speech. Rating=+++++
  4. Grammar Quiz:
    • Basic fill in the blank grammar quiz. Rating=+++
  5. Fun Brain:
    • The Grammar Gorillas can help you select parts of speech in a sentence. Also has helpful hints at the bottom of each page. Rating=+++++
  6. EduPlace:
    • Houghton Mifflin's supplemental site geared towards grades 2-5. Nice games for learning and practicing parts of speech in context. Rating=++++
  7. Scholastic:
    • Scholastics supplemental site for grammar review geared toward elementary level students. Rating=++++
  8. Brain Pop:
    • Brain Pop offers lots of information on the mechanics of language for a suscription cost, however there are a few free features and a free 5-day trial. Rating=++++

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